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Frogfoot FTTH Order Form

To place an order for FrogFoot Fibre to the home, complete the form below.

Installation Time: Frogfoot usually install within a week, but depending on their demand this could be 3-5 weeks. We’ll keep you updated on the progress and installation date.

Links are all symmetrical. So if you have a 50Mbps link, it will be 50Mbps up as well as 50Mbps down.

All links are month-to-month. However, if a link is cancelled within 6 months extra installation fees could be charged as installations are heavily subsidised.

Contention: Best effort low contention.

Router: We provide you with a free-to-use basic router which will be shipped to you once the fibre line is installed.

Once you’ve completed the form below, you will automatically be redirected to the payment page for the once-off installation fee of R1000.

Frogfoot Fibre to the Home

Client order for from FF FTTH

Installation Address(Required)
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R1000 Once-Off Installation Not Included